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Publishers get more of everything.

AdKnit by Knit streamlines the entire podcasting process - including revenue. From our CMS to our Ads dashboards you can manage your entire content library just like our partners - CNN, the NBA and Bleacher Report.

Easy Uploads

Title, description, media and you're done. Click 'Add Episode' and our digital bees do the rest to insert ads, promos and send your episodes out to all podcast enabled apps and devices.

Easy Advertising

Whether you want to buy podcast ads on your own self-serve style like Facebook or choose a managed experience Adknit and partner podcasts help you reach your goals. Get in touch with us to setup your account and start buying today.

What if you could control rain drops?

Like, all of them - at once or maybe just a few? Well, if podcast episodes in the cloud were rain drops our AdKnit makes it possible. Thousands of episodes need new spots in them right now without a single episode edit? Cool. Done.

People and Platforms

People first and platforms second. We've created better podcasting experiences for everyone. Publishers, buyers and listeners benefit from our ground-up platform. Easy uploads, automated ad sales and for listeners we deliver to every podcast enabled app seamlessly.