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Many people are intimidated by the idea of buying podcast advertising... and maybe you feel the same way. Isn't it too complicated, too expensive, too time consuming? It's time to realize that this represents a massive advantage for you, if you start using the Knit Marketplace to buy ads and gain an edge over your competition.

Six awesome things you can do with the Knit Marketplace


Pay With a Credit Card

Just like you do on other digital marketing platforms like Facebook, Google, and Linkedin. No middle man needed.


No Minimum Spend Required

Unlike the other guys, we don't require minimum spends in the thousands. Get started with as little as $50


Advanced Audience Targeting

Target specific locations, categories, days of week, and more to find your perfect audience.


Buy Across Many Podcasts With a Single Ad

Don't waste time doing one-off deals with individual podcasters or paying a hefty agency fee. 


Premium Content

Advertise on names your customers know: CNN, Bleacher Report, the NBA, and many more.


Stop and Start Ads Instantly

Need to pause a campaign? Stop it any time you want. Try doing that with your agency!

​You're in good company

Podcast Advertiser Wix
Podcast Advertiser Quicken Loans
Podcast Advertising Nature Box
Podcast Advertiser Stamps.com
Podcast Advertiser Lyft
Podcast Advertiser Indochino
Podcast Advertiser Coors
Podcast Advertiser MTV
Podcast Advertiser Hello Fresh
Podcast Advertiser Ford
Podcast Advertiser Audible
Podcast Advertising Realty Shares
Podcast Advertiser Casper
Podcast Advertiser Zenni
Podcast Advertiser Chubb
Podcast Advertiser Boll & Branch

What Others Are Saying:


Glen R. Podcast Ad Network Founder

"I love the flexibility and specificity that the Marketplace offers. It's nice to have options like network-wide or time-based buys, in addition to the ability to get granular (when necessary)."

Laura A. Podcast Ad Agency Founder

"The Knit Marketplace experience makes buying, tracking and reporting on podcast impressions more efficient and transparent. We were able to use the portal for all our direct needs, analysis and insights, which made the process easy, instantaneous and preferable to traditional podcast media buying."

Podcast Advertiser Testimonial

Ben S. Business Owner

"Knit is the perfect way to validate the efficacy of Podcast Marketing as a channel. It has proven to be a highly effective and scalable way test messaging, boost brand awareness and drive direct response conversions."

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