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Podcast Advertising

Are you interested in advertising a product or service on podcasts?

Podcast Hosting

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Why is Knit Different?

With Knit you can buy premium podcast advertising exactly the same way that you buy ads on Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, and other digital platforms. Using a self-service advertising platform and credit card.

This is a game changer for both podcasters and advertisers

Podcast Advertising

 In the Knit Marketplace you'll get access to premium content at unparalleled scale with complete control over every aspect of your campaigns just like with other digital platforms. 

Podcast Hosting

On the Knit Platform distributing, growing, and monetizing your podcast is 100% automatic. Thousands of advertisers can find your show, then they buy with one click, you approve the ads and get paid. 

Premium Content & Top Brands

Premium Podcasting Content

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