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Knit Podcast Advertising
Knit Podcast Advertising

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Smart Marketers Love Podcasts

50% of marketers are considering podcast ads

71% of listeners visited a sponsor website

48% of listeners follow brands on social media

$10k higher income among podcast listeners

Lauren A.

"The Knit Marketplace experience makes the process easy, instantaneous and preferable to traditional media buying."

Glenn R. 

"I love the flexibility and specificity that the Marketplace offers. It's nice to have options like network-wide or time-based buys."

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Don't Put Up With These Hassles

The podcast industry has come a long way but most companies are still making these mistakes:

Agency Fees

Why pay an agency 15-20%? Buy more ads instead.

One Show At a Time

Buying against one show at a time is time consuming and inefficient

Long Lead Times

Who wants to wait three months for their ad to start?

No Targeting

Why waste money presenting your offer in Mongolia?

No Ability to Pause or Stop

Want to stop your ad for some reason? Sorry it's locked in

Only Big Budgets

Most agencies won't even talk to you for less than $10,000

It doesn't have to be this way

Knit is making podcast advertising easy and affordable for everyone 

by questioning the norm and using modern ad technology

​A Better Way To Buy Podcast Advertising


Pay With a Credit Card

Just like you do on other digital marketing platforms like Facebook, Google, and Linkedin. No middle man needed.


No Minimum Spend Required

Unlike the other guys, we don't require minimum spends in the thousands. Get started with as little as $50


Advanced Audience Targeting

Target specific locations, categories, days of week, and more to find your perfect audience.


Buy Many Podcasts With a Single Ad

Don't waste time doing one-off deals with individual podcasters or paying a hefty agency fee. 


Real-time Stats

Find out exactly what your campaigns are doing immediately.


Stop and Start Ads Instantly

Need to pause a campaign? Stop it any time you want. Try doing that with your agency!

Ben S.

"Knit is the perfect way to validate the efficacy of Podcast Marketing as a channel. It has proven to be a highly effective and scalable way test messaging, boost brand awareness and drive direct response conversions." 

It only takes a few seconds to get a free account

With Knit, for the first time, you can advertise on podcasts just like you can on other digital platforms.  With the other guys you'd need $10,000 just to get started. People are willing to pay that, because it works.  But you don't have to.

With Knit, we want to bring the effectiveness of podcast advertising to everyone. This is your chance to take advantage of this opportunity and run some podcast ads today. 

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